Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pictures with Clamps

These arrived in my mailbox yesterday (thanks kaya! She doesn't just throw you under the bus, she mails the bus to you!).  I barely had time to debate putting them on myself to see what I was in for or waiting until Master got home to put them on for me, when he got home way early.    
I don't really need more text here do I?   Perhaps just saying "ouch" is enough.  Also, that I'm seriously horny now, and totally un-fucked for DAYS.  Days, I tell you.  It's very sad (note: world's tiniest violin playing already, so you don't have to tell me I am pitiful.  I know.) 

Master had me suck his cock this morning, just for a minute, not long enough at all, then stood me up and pulled my hair to the side firmly.  He said "You are for my use" and made me repeat it back to him several times.  Oh oh oh.  So desperate, even with having a cold again and my head all stuffed up, all that fades into the background when his hands are on me.


  1. Pretty! What's with this week and the sexual dry spell (for subs anyway)? Our tiny violins can preform a duet together. :)

    1. I could list off three reasons for here anyway:
      1. My period. Doesn't bother me, but makes him prefer to use my mouth often, or do nothing at all.
      2. I have a cold. He wants me to rest.
      3. He's having massive work stresses, which makes him not want sex so much. The stress feels like it is tearing me apart, like I am about to unravel at the seams at times, but then I just want to fall in his arms and be comforted with beatings and sex, to be distracted all the more.

    2. Ditto 1 and 2. Hope 3 gets better for both of you soon. We just ended the work stress train here, but no doubt it will pick up again soon.

  2. You are so welcome! I firmly believe everyone should have a set of clover clamps. :)

    I have almost two weeks to go before I get any sexin' again so I'm feeling your pain, my friend. It sucks!

    1. There is definitely a love hate relationship with those clamps over here. Having the tops of your tits caned with them on is always fun though.


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