Monday, June 29, 2015

Dirty Little Hole

I'm afraid this one is going to be a bit more, well, more. 


He had me meet him upstairs.  He stripped me of my robe, took the sash and tied it around my neck.  

"Crawl for me, little doggie".  I crawled naked after him down the hall into our room, trying to hang on to my house slippers with my feet so I didn't leave them behind.  

When we arrived he told me "Sit. Stay".  I did this, and looked up at him.  I really wanted to wag my tail.  I actually felt quite like a puppy.  I tried not to smile because he looked so serious.  But puppies are happy when they get attention.  

He walked across the room and told me to come.  Dilemmas!  "Come" means orgasm, but now I'm a puppy, should I go to him?  I didn't think about it for more than a split second, I just orgasmed.  He walked over to me, and I started to get up-- "NO, sit, stay" he said,  just as if I were a disobedient puppy!

"Heel", he commanded me, and I crawled along next to him where he held the leash, on his right side.  When he stopped I couldn't stand it anymore and I went around to the proper heel position, on the left side, and sat.  I told him I had to heel on the correct side.  He didn't say anything, but pulled up on the leash hard, strangling me. "This is no way to treat a puppy!", flashed silently in my brain, but then I reminded myself I was a slave, and that was certainly the way he could treat me.   "Come!" he commanded, then let loose the leash/sash.  I came.

"Lie down on your back". 

I saw something in his hand, but couldn't quite tell what it was.  When he got it between my legs I recognized the "Click. Click." of the lighter.

"You didn't shave very well.  I'm just going to burn these hairs off you".  

I didn't really think he was going to burn me.  I concentrated hard on holding very still.  "He won't, he won't, he won't...."   OUCH!  I jerked and tried to cover myself.  That really burned!  
He got the pesky cunt hairs though.

He kissed it.  My owie cunt. 

Then he wanted to read his book and have a foot rub.  I was lost in  thoughts of slavey burned cunt bliss as I rubbed his feet, and then at his order, sucked his cock, then to rubbing his other foot.  This went on for quite some time, foot, cock, other foot, and back around again.  A couple of times he let me flavor his penis with my cunt before I returned to sucking.   

He was already deep into my head, and he began telling me things about what he plans to do with me (and others) in the future.  Including the orgy tent. Then I got my butt plug- it slides right in, and then Master slides into my pussy.  It feels amazing.
He was fucking me and making me say things, which he often does. But these things were beyond the usual level of dirty.

How many men?  he wanted to know.  He wasn't satisfied with my real answer of how many I had sucked and fucked.  He forced me to make up inflated numbers, and he was not satisfied until I got to 50.  He made me say some of them paid me.  And say that I liked it, so I didn't charge much if they wanted to use me, just a token amount.  Because I'm a slutty whore.  But I'm his slutty whore, so I don't get to go out on my own.  Just if he tells me to.

"Who are you going to fuck?" he asks me.  

He's talking about the orgy tent.

"Whoever you tell me to, Master," I answer.

"All of them," he says.  

"Yes, Master."

He made me say this:  "All the men can fuck my dirty little cunthole and my mouth, but only you can have my ass, Master".  And he made me repeat it over, and over, and over.  I don't know how many times, the same phrase, maybe a dozen times.  

It got easier after the first few.

Then he changed it to something about my mouth and cunt being cum dumpsters for whoever wanted to get off, and made me repeat that a dozen or so times more.  The more times I said it, the deeper I felt it, and his cock was driving into me so hard that I had to get the phrases out in short bursts in between stabs.

Wearing the butt plug, it is all so tight, and the combined sensations  doubled that way,  painful for my ass depending on the depth and angle of thrusting.  My cunt has been sore for days now, in a pleasant and constantly used way.  Now and then I get a stab of that ache, but mostly it is pure pleasure as I repeat his phrases over and over.  I orgasm over and over as well, each time he commands.  He slaps me, punches me; I come again.  

He tells me to get on the floor, and he fucks me on my hands and knees, then he has me lie flat. I am transported by this intense pain/pleasure.  Transported is the right word; I go off somewhere else as he is driving the plug hard into my ass and fucking my sore cunt, and just everything... it is all good being his dirty little hole. 

 Later on.

He clicks the lighter on, makes me come closer, stand still and look him in the eye.  At the last second I always flinch.




  1. Whew! By far the hottest (pun!) thing you've written. Hot hot HOT.


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