Monday, April 11, 2016

A Little Bit More Naughty Fun

We FINALLY had some good weather again and Master and I went on a big hike in the woods, stopping for some bent-over-a-rock spanking and fucking.  I got very up close and friendly with a lot of bright green, earthy scented moss.  He used his hand to spank and then punch me just a little bit, then he slid his fingers between my legs to tease me into opening up for him before sliding his cock in.  

A few minutes of that, then he ordered me to get on my knees and suck him.  A minute later he said time to get on, so I hiked up my jeans and we continued making our way through the woods.  He'd brought his compass, but we really didn't need it beyond curiosity.   We found a raspberry cane thicket, and marched right through the center of it.  I was very glad of my impervious Carhartt jacket and old jeans then!

Later on, back on an actual trail, he told me to tie the dog to a tree so she didn't wander off.  The first time, on the rock, I had just dropped the leash.  She didn't go far, but he kept having to call her back in the middle of things.  I couldn't really see where she was, what with my face pressed up against the rock. 

After she was tied to a tree that wouldn't break (the first branch I found fell off), he ordered me to get mostly naked and lie on the ground.  He loomed over me.  He grabbed my panties from where they were lying beside me, stuffed them in my mouth and fucked me hard.  

I'm not looking forward to mosquito season; this is pretty nice right now.  Although ticks are out.  

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