Friday, April 15, 2016

More Fit, and Sadness, and Bread

Yesterday I was thinking that the goal of 10,000 steps that comes with the fit bit program was pretty good.  But since I was over 12,000 without really changing up what I normally do in a day (Thursday being one of my two required exercise days), I am now thinking 10,000 was under ambitious.

I'm thinking of making it a goal to do more steps than the day before until I feel like I have reached a good plateau level.  I think of a plateau level as one where I am stretching myself to be good and tired, but not working so hard that I hurt myself.

We'll see if I can do more than 12,098 today.  
It's one o'clock now and I'm at 9,743.  
It takes about 600 steps to scoop the dog poop in the yard, which is something I do every day. 

Also, Trivia starts tonight, and tomorrow we are going to a funeral  
Our friend died the week after we went to visit, and now his funeral is tomorrow. And I don't want to say anything else because I am sad. And I still haven't quite grasped the idea.
So I'm making some Challah bread, hopefully enough to take along to one or both of those.  Master will decide what we are doing exactly.  

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