Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sunday Enjoyments

Master said I need to write more about the sex n stuff!

Yes Master!


Anyway, Sunday he called me upstairs and had me kneel on the floor naked in front of him.  I sucked while he beat my ass with a cane.  Then he pushed me forward and I was on my hands and knees wondering if there was going to be more cane or ???

But he knelt behind me and took me.  It felt amazing.  I love being taken in that position.  Then he got out this little stingy flogger that rarely gets used and whipped my back with it as he fucked me.  It was simply heaven, that could have gone on for a very long time ( I was hoping).  Instead he took me to bed and ordered me to get on my stomach.  He used the wooden paddle on me, and then had me ride on top.  

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