Thursday, April 7, 2016

How Did He Know?

Sometimes Masters like to give the impression that they can read minds.  Or at least mine does.

Last night he got home, ate, and went back to work.  He was at work all night on emergency, and only got a few hours sleep on their smelly old cot.  (Ew).

When he got home in the morning I was all ready to serve either breakfast or just provide a warm body in bed while he fell asleep, but when I asked what he wanted he said "Fucking". 

I washed up quickly and met him upstairs.  He ripped off my robe and ordered me into bed to use me quickly.   I was wide awake, but I had to keep reminding myself that he was exhausted.  I went back downstairs and did all my morning routines.  Then watched some TV. I desperately wanted to masturbate but it wasn't allowed.  
So I waited.   Just so you know, it is totally possible to have sex, and even orgasm, and still be crazy-horny the whole day.  Just in case you didn't think that happened, it does to some of us. 

When he woke up I made him breakfast and then finished the show I'd been watching.  I came in to see if he wanted anything else, thinking about asking him if I could use my magic wand, and he told me to rub his shoulder.  I stood behind him, rubbing, thinking the whole time "When he's had enough of this, I'm going to ask, I really am".  And just about that time he told me to go get my vibrator.  That's when I figured he was reading my mind.  

He had me strip and lie on the floor at his feet with the toy on.  He stuck his toes in my cunt.   He called me a filthy, dirty whore, and other names.  I humped his foot, squirmed and felt like a filthy dirty whore there on the floor, having orgasms as he commanded, leaving puddles all over.   He alternated this treatment with letting me suck his cock, or paddling me, or fucking me, until he finally stood over me and masturbated onto me.  Then smeared it around my face just to make sure.  I felt so nasty and slutty.  It was a good feeling.

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  1. Yes, I am convinced that certain Masters can read minds....
    hugs abby


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