Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Night of Ordinary M/s

Last night we curled up on the couch to watch some more of season one of Game of Thrones.  It can be pretty macabre watching it the second time through.  I was making comments in response to the characters' statements to be even more so.  
"I will love you for as long as I live,"  would get a "Not much longer, then."  And so on.  

And then I fed the dogs while Master got kids to bed.  Then we went to sleep.  

The weather had been cold and rainy a lot this week so I have not gotten as many miles walked as last week.  I went out and counted my own steps to see how close the Fitbit was to my actual steps.  
I counted 500 steps and it gave me 540.  But I did have to rescue a turtle from the road and open and close a gate in there too, so I think the device is very close to reality.  

Sunday:  6272 a terrible day for walking.  Nothing but rain and yuck.

Monday:  10,403 

Tuesday: 12,356

Wednesday: 13,943 

My total miles since April 14:  77.84
Not counting today, averaged 5.4 miles per day.
Weight lost:  Ha, don't make me laugh.


  1. Is Game Of Thrones meant to be kinky I haven't seen it

    1. No, it's not really kinky. There is lots of sex and violence, and a pretty engrossing story.


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