Friday, April 29, 2016

Tasks Today

Master left me with some sexy tasks for the day, and you know what?   I got all excited because it is not very often that he does that.  He told me to write him a fantasy story and send it to him, which I did right away as soon as everyone was out of the house.  He also told me to masturbate and come twice for him today.  The first one was easy.  I put in the butt plug, used the Magic Wand and came a few seconds later.  The second orgasm was tougher.  I took a little break, walked around, did a few things.  The butt plug made me feel like I had to poop, not exactly sexy.  

But once I started masturbating again I liked the way it felt.  I pulled it in and out several times, and brought out all my favorite fantasies.  Nothing was working, until finally I imagined Master in my head saying "Come, you slut!!" in his most commanding voice and then I did.  It wasn't as big as the first one, but still, an orgasm is an orgasm.  Tasks accomplished!   Of course, I did the fun ones first and now I have all the ordinary unsexy Friday tasks to do.  


  1. There's something between you both, wich is charming and I think, that you're a really happy one ! I wish you the best,
    ... Michael from Hamburg.


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