Saturday, April 9, 2016

Burning Bush

You know Master likes to play with his lighter with me, right?

He has given me a couple little "brands" with the metal tip, and I still have a little burn mark from two weeks ago.   He has also singed off the tips of my pubic hair a few times.  Well, last night I got the whole burning bush going on and was half deforested.  This was not intentional.  But it was scary.  

I was kneeling in my spot, head on the floor, when he came into our room and told me to get naked.  I sat up after shedding my robe, waiting to see what he would ask of me.  He said he didn't want me to move, and pushed my head back to the floor.

I heard the click of the lighter a few times behind me and between my legs. I felt the heat of the flame on my thighs.  And then "WUF" I heard the sound as the hair went up in what I can only assume was a massive fireball.  I shrieked and fell forward, snapping my legs shut which effectively put out the fire.  I sat there shaking and sobbing more with fright than anything else.  The feeling was no worse than a sunburn.  He held me and made me breathe normally again, then Master told me to lie down in the light where he could see, and wiped away the crunchy burned hair. 

Then he got the lighter again.  I was terrified.   I only could lie there and wait with my legs open.   He clicked it a few more times and said something about having to get back on that horse after a fall.   And that my cunt hairs were his to burn off again if he wanted.  I agreed with him, "Yes, Master, of course, Master," still crying a bit.  

He put the lighter down and asked if I still wanted a beating and fucking.  Of course I did.  I was thinking that any remaining burning sensation would make the fucking especially good (what the hell is wrong with me?).    He had me lie on my stomach and he beat me with the grapevine stick (heavy) and the misery stick (stingy) and an in between cane.  Then he flogged me, which was the most painful of all. Somehow when it was right between the shoulder blades it got really fast and stingy and I started whimpering again.  

He sent me to the bed then and fucked me, and the lingering burny sensation WAS good.  More fear than anything else wrong.  But hell, that was scary!


  1. That is scary! I'm glad you're okay. I know that sound you're talking about, when I was a kid my hair caught on fire, it wasn't bad, but my heart skipped a couple.

    I find it thrilling that you continued on...the adrenaline is already there so why not use it. Lol.

    1. I just noticed you added me to your blog list, thank you!! :)

  2. Goodness me that's terrifying! I'm glad you over came it

  3. whooooo, adrenaline rush!

    so THAT's why he wouldn't let you shave your pubes and made you grow them out, huh!

    1. He's been having fun with my hair in many ways, fire is just one.

  4. This was hawt lol


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