Saturday, April 23, 2016

Valuable Lesson

I made scones for dessert last night, and there were two for each person in the family- so eight scones.  I was the only one who didn't eat both of mine last night.

Master told me this morning that was pretty risky, leaving my one scone out where anyone might eat it.   

I said plaintively, "But it's my scone. Surely no one would just take and eat it without asking if I still wanted it, right?"

He gave it a hungry look, even though we had just finished pancakes and bacon, and told me to tell him it was his scone now.

I did. "It's your scone, Master."

Him: "And what valuable lesson did you learn?"

Me:  "All my things, even the scones, are yours if you want them."

Him:  "No, the lesson is that it is just a thing.  You should not get so attached to things." 

I think they are both valuable lessons.

The scone is still sitting there, looking all delicious with its chocolate frosting.

 I'm totally going to eat Master's scone later.  Unless he does.  

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