Monday, April 18, 2016

Fitbit Update

It's going pretty well.  Seems to be motivational so far.  I'm trying to get it a little higher each day.

Steps this week, since I got the little pink bossy one:

12,098  Thursday.  This was pretty close to my normal routine on a Thursday which includes a 2 mile walk.
13,424  Friday.   Worked sheep, and also walked.
13,108  Saturday.  Much time (4 hours) spent driving and then much more sitting.  I was doing some last minute jogging in place right before bed, just to get it up over 13,000.  It gives me almost 200 steps for having sex.
13,816  Sunday.  I went for a long walk to get it up that high.

So far today: 9,042 at 3:30.  Master said I should be ready to walk with him tonight, if the rain holds off.  

The next few days are going to be rainy and cooler and I predict that it will be much hard to get that amount of steps in.  

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