Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Voting Primary Day, also, ouchie time

Today is the day we get to vote in the primary.  I still don't know who it will be, Bernie or Hilary, but I'm definitely a Democrat.  I asked Master if he wouldn't like to tell me who to vote for and he said no, I can make my own decision.   He hasn't even told me who he is voting for.  

Last night we had a quick but painfully harsh and excellently satisfying fuck.  He tied my hands together with the bondage strap I've been wearing, then ran the leash through that and clipped it to my day collar.  I hadn't changed to the night collar yet.  

 He paused mid-fuck to ask me what the worst thing I could think of for him to do right now was.

My eyes flew open in consternation.  Worst? Right now?  My mind was blank.  Then he started counting down- 10, 9, 8... I had to say something!

"The worst thing would be for you to stop fucking me now".  He got an odd look on his face and pulled out of my cunt.  (Oh no!)  

Then he said, "I'm stopping, but only for a second, to get these. This is the worst thing I can think of right now," as he got the nipple clamps out of the bedside drawer.  

He put them around in various places- nipples, sides of tits, cunt lips, my ear... and just about the time I'd relax into dealing with the pain he'd pull on the chain.  This blank whiteness would wash through my brain at those times.  Then I'd get relief after the quick parting stab as he removed them.

"Stick out your tongue."  I obeyed, feeling a bit silly and a bit scared. 

He put the clamp on my tongue but didn't let it close all the way, just a little pressure, then he told me to come.  He took it away and put it on the hood over my clit.  

He did some extremely painful pressure points on me.  I thrashed and bucked, whimpered and came and came. 

I love you, Master!



  1. Sounds like intense fun...one of the best kinds of fun to have...


  2. Michael from Hamburg, Germany

    I like reading your blog !


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