Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stern Attitude Toward Slave (hot)

Last night we watched a movie and I noticed Master getting more and more stern throughout the show.  It wasn't the mad kind of stern, but the lustful kind of stern, when I know I'm about to be used and used hard.  He allowed me to fondle him a little, but when I asked to undo his pants and belt he said no. Not yet. 

 Eventually he told me to go get undressed, and come back wearing only my robe.  Then he had me sit next to him with everything spread wide and uncovered so he could fondle me.  His sternness, even more than the fondling, was making me unbearably aroused.  I think he could tell by my looks, but he said that he might just want a blow job while he watched porn, and he might just want to leave me horny.  Wouldn't  I like that?  
I said what I knew he expected, "Whatever you want, Master".  It did sound really hot at the time, but I knew I wouldn't like it later, if that actually happened.  It's so hard to sleep!

After the movie, he did have me suck him while he watched porn for a time.  He got very close to coming, and I was really trying, but he held off so he could take me (such a benevolent Master!).

Before that, though, was the whipping.  He ordered me to get on my hands and knees and he beat me with the dressage whip.  
Then he fucked me quick and hard, and I came (again).  Massively. Several times.   It was a very good Friday night. 

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