Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Forced Clinton-ization

Trigger Warning: Politics

Master got home early this morning and told me I needed to come upstairs and cuddle with him before he fell asleep.  I flopped down on top the comforter still in my robe, and he commanded "Naked. And under the sheets".   Of course, there was no cuddling, he simply pushed my legs apart and began to take me, dry down there as the Sahara.  That wasn't going to do, so he pulled me out of bed and tied ropes around me, and tied a tiny string around my nipples so they stood out well. Then he had me suck him and use the vibrator a little; soon I was wet enough to make better fucking!

Where's the politics?

Oh yeah.  

Back when I was writing about the primary here, I was undecided and he hadn't told me who he was voting for to help me make up my mind.   He could simply order me to vote how he wants, but he doesn't.  

It turned out he voted for Clinton and I voted for Sanders.  Not that I think Clinton is a bad choice, so I would be happy to vote for her in the general election, but I agree with Bernie a bit more closely.  Master says he won't be as effective because congress will never agree with him to pass his reforms. 

Today he began telling an amusing story of forcing Clinton-ization on some Bernie supporters.  He ended up making me be the Bernie supporter and slapping me around until I agreed to vote for Hilary.  Or Trump. Or Cruz. Or anyone he said, but I did rather choke on Cruz.  

Ack. Ptui. 

  It was a really fun, silly time.  So that is how I got the new fetish for forced Clinton-ization.  

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