Wednesday, June 19, 2013

...and Cold


Mystique ordered me to my knees in front of Master,  giving me a pillow to kneel, and then kept on with whipping me as I sucked his cock. 

Then hands touching, rubbing, warming me up.  A shock of cold.

Mystique put the ice dildo on my back, rolled it around, teasing me with it, then started the insertion.  I jumped and shrieked, as the coldness of it inside me was intense enough to be painful.   A little rubbing, and then in it went again.  This time it was slightly less of a shock.   The thought went through my head that I was getting fucked by an ice penis.  Cold, and yet hot.  And it felt really thick, thicker than any dildo I have had, stretching me.  

An unexpected orgasm comes in a rush as the freezing thing slid out, with no warning and certainly I had not been given a command to come.  The pillow I knelt on was soaked.   As the cold ice and warm fingers alternated I didn't always know if I was feeling pleasure or pain.

Master said he wanted to feel it.  He told me to climb into his lap and he enjoyed the sensation of coldness enveloping him.   Riding Master's cock, rocking back and forth, swiveling round and round, enjoying watching his face and his pleasure,  the warmth quickly came back to me. 

Then kneeling again in front of him, taking him into my eager mouth, tasting myself, my head was pressed down hard on him, my head bobbed, then held down.  My throat was full, I was gagging, struggling to back off against my own will.  I didn't want to back off, but I can't breathe and my body reacts by struggling.  I think about how I'd really like to not barf.    Pressed down again by Myst behind me, I feel trapped, controlled, powerless, filled and fulfilled.   I feel owned.

Then Master lifted me up and bent me over the arm of the couch, fucked me, as my head burrowed up to her chest.   I came again, as he commanded me.

We went out to lunch after that, my knees still shaking and I was feeling giddy.   I had worn a tank top, so some evidence of the whip was visible.  By then it didn't look like long streaks, more like dots that could be bug bites or something.  I hope that is what people think anyway.

Master waited until we get home, then told me to get a towel and lie face down on the bed.   He entered me and came quickly to his orgasm.  I am thankful for this day.

Post whipping, my back:


  1. Thanks for sharing. Nice marks.


  2. eww i really dont like cold, i would have been screaming blue murder lol

    Nice marks



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