Sunday, June 16, 2013


I don't know the exact date of this anniversary, since I didn't write anything down, but it was two years ago this week when I first went to my husband and asked if I could be his submissive.   I meant just in the bedroom, and just to try out some things like spanking and more bondage (we'd already done some of that) that sounded hot. 

I read The Story of O and was entranced.  I bought a riding crop.  I still can't believe how much thought and effort I put into buying that first one, which eventually he broke on me anyway.  We are now on the third one, the second one having been lost somehow.  

Very quickly I fell down the rabbit hole, and he began enjoying all this power as much as I enjoyed submission.    Within a few months I was his slave and he was my Master.

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  1. Happy Anniverary!! What a rabbit hole it is!



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