Friday, June 14, 2013

Reminding Myself

Since Master is not home at the moment to do it for me, I need to check (as in rein in) myself.   After going back and reading what I wrote in the last blog entry, I can clearly see that I need to stop guilt before it gets out of control. 

To do this, I'm looking to one of my favorite passages of Slavecraft.

Obedience is the structural steel of our slave identity, and the spine of a slave's conviction.  Obedience alone determines what is right and what is wrong.  It frees a slave to be what only a slave can be-  one whose will has been replaced by that of another....

The slave asks himself only "Did I obey?"  If the answer is "yes", then he did everything he could or should do.

I did obey, in everything Master told me to do last night and this morning.  In addition, I obeyed his requirement to keep him informed about anything important I may be thinking or feeling.   Everything else is up to him.  

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