Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greedy, greedy.

I looked up at Master with a wide eyed hopeful look and a small grin.   

He gazed down at me with an amused look and said "What you you hoping for, little slut?  Some beating and fucking tonight?"

My grin widened and I said, as innocently as a total fucking slut can, "Yes, Master".  

I had to wait of course, but when it was finally bedtime, after I had spent a half hour or so kneeling beside his chair as he caught up on the computer news, I turned off lights and started up the stairs.   It was really, really dark and I was groping for the light switch, but instead I felt his hand on my back pressing me down.   He was behind me, and in a crawling position I tried to continue up the stairs.   He had a grip on my robe sash, so I didn't get anywhere with that.  I'm really not even sure why I was trying.  He lifted the back of my robe and rubbed against me just enough to make sure I was drenched, then slapped me and told me to go ahead.   

Once in bed, there was sucking, fucking and then more again of each, and plenty of orgasms.  He used my nipples as handles to pull me this way and that until they were aching.  He slapped me all over, from face to thighs, and held my breath off with his hand.  
 Finally, he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. He held my collar tight in his hand and made me cum.

Nothing like going to sleep all soggy and completely spent.


  1. Ohhh you did get your hopes fulfilled didn't you? Lovely.

  2. I love hand slaps, i think they are just so primal, nothing but hands really does it for me...great fun!



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