Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's a Great Day To Be Alive

Sometimes blogs need a theme song, so here is the one for today.   

You must listen as you read.  Ok, you don't have to, if you are at work or something, but it is a suggestion. 

Great Day To Be Alive

Really, only the chorus applies, not all that stuff about leaving his family, the schmuck.   Ok, maybe I shouldn't have listened so closely. 

Last night I got a switching with a willow branch, then sent to bed.   I had just settled in under the covers, helplessly turned on, my legs still stinging, but accepting his orders with good grace, when he threw back the blankets and forced my legs apart.   Then he was inside me, giving me just a taste, a couple thrusts, before rolling over and telling me to go to sleep.     I swear he loves to tease and torment me this way.   When morning rolled around I was still rather desperate (part of his plan), he told me to lock the door and proceeded to give me a serious fucking with orgasms! 

Master wanted buttermilk pancakes for breakfast, but since I have gained weight this week I decided not to have any myself.  This is hard, since I love them, but I made it through breakfast without caving.   Sigh.  Then there is still dinner to think about. 

"A journey of a thousand li begins with a single step".

Tonight is the play party, and I'm totally ready for that.  We already have a somewhat unformed plan with a friend who is hoping that she can be tied up with me...  yum yum!   I don't have a costume (there is a Tiki theme) but, ah well, I generally end up naked anyway.   Cue theme song again...


  1. the musical interlude. Hadn't heard the song before.

    Have fun! I hate it when Sir turns me on to no end end doesn't provide immediate relief...I'm an impatient slut :)


  2. How did you twist the pancakes!? That's my problem...I love making treats for my family and then I'm tempted to eat them! Ugh!

    Have fun at the party!


  3. I was sorely tempted, let me tell you. I just didn't eat them, I guess. Of course, later on there was Indian food, and then a cookie, so I can't say the diet is going great. :(


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