Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Breathless Moment

His hand closed over my mouth and nose once again.  My hips continued rocking on top of him.  In a few short moments my head grew lighter and the impulse to try to pull away from his hand, to get back to the everyday business of breathing in and out, grew stronger.   Instead I kept my head still, submitting to his will that I not try to breath, enraptured by the growing arousal the lack of breath, or perhaps his control, or both, was thrusting onto me. 

His hand released me as he commanded me to orgasm.  I came,  panting in quick breaths.  One, two, three, then he cut me off.   That's enough for you, my slave, he seemed to say.   Take a deep breath next time, not those shallow ones, was what he actually said. 
  More light headed rocking, feeling him deep inside me.  Tightness in my chest.  Again I felt the urge to try to escape, but just then he released his grip and I took a long slow deep breath.  Just one, then he was covering my mouth and nose again.

My life and every breath belongs to him.


  1. I liked your last line: "My life and every breath belongs to him." Very nice.


  2. Master loves to do that type of breath control too.

    Very intoxicating and you described it so beautifully.



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