Saturday, June 29, 2013

More About Number 5

Because SirQsmlb asked to hear more:

It was getting toward the end of the night.  Much fun had been had, but we weren't tired out yet.   S had expressed interest to me a few weeks before the party in doing a scene in which we get tied together. 
 When she and her Daddy (B.) started packing up gear late at night, Master sent me over to ask them if they were leaving.  Nope, not yet, was the answer, so they came to talk to him.

 B. mentioned that he had brought the bondage tape.  I'd never experienced that, but it was just like duct tape except it only sticks to itself, not to skin.   Master mentioned that part of the fun of duct tape was ripping it off (painfully) afterward.   Well, I was sure he'd find other fun.

There wasn't much more discussion, since we have all played together before, but they placed me on the 6" riser of a small stage since S. is much taller than me.  This time I'd be looking down at her, a new perspective.

A few quick wraps with the tape and we were bound tightly facing each other.  I was naked; she still had bra and panties on.

B. and Master worked us over with dragon tails, hands, paddles and floggers. I was dripping wet from all of it.   Over S.'s shoulder I saw Myst approaching with her single tail, one that had already been used to whip me early in the night as I knelt at Master's feet.  I felt S. shudder as she was whipped, and I moaned with her.  

Then Myst came around to my side, and whip coiled and ready for my turn.  It stung a little, then it stung a little more, rhythmically hitting each side of my hips, my back, my thighs, then it began to hurt in earnest.  I started thinking about getting away, but that was impossible.   Then another 5 on each side, and the sore spot on my hip was hit.  All I could think was bad thoughts at that point, thoughts of not being able to walk the next day, and I waved my hand in surrender.  It was not the safeword of course, the hand waving, but it got attention so that I could call yellow and say my hip was hurting too much.  My hip was safe from more slashes of the whip.   Myst switched to spanking me on the pussy with her hand, at the same time Master was lightly flogging me on the non-painful side.  I came in a drenching shower.

All too soon, it was time that we had to unwrap, dress, and head out.  The ride home was hard.  It was pouring rain.  Master was sleepy, I was sleepier, and it was way past bedtime.  I tried to keep him awake by poking and patting, and he scolded me for annoying him.  

We made it safely, but he still had to take the sitter home and I still had to let out dogs and then feed them.  It was 2:30am.

 I let out one outdoor kennel full of dogs and two of the males immediately launched into a brawl.  The other two joined in.   Taz was attached to Ben's ear.  Hank and Pepper were nipping in to take random bites on whoever they could reach.   Imagine me, tired, alone, in the pouring rain, sliding in wet grass, strung out from a hard night of getting beaten, trying to break up this carnage.   First I grabbed Hank and tossed him back in the kennel.   Then I tried to grab Taz or Ben but couldn't get them; the fight was traveling around the yard.  Finally I got Taz to let go somehow.  I told Ben to lie down, and Taz ran across the yard.  Miraculously Ben did lie down, but before I could grab him he jumped up, ran 40 feet and tore into Taz again.   Fucking dogs.   I was yelling at the top of my lungs.  There was no one to hear me. 

I ran up and yelled in their faces; they broke up again.  I grabbed Ben, but Taz was circling.  If you have ever been in the position, it sucks.   Taz was looking to get back at Ben and only my presence was keeping him from diving in for a bite.  I shrieked at Taz, kicked gravel at him, did everything I could think of to keep him away until I could get Ben in the house.   Once Ben was put away, I put Taz in his crate too.   Then I collapsed on the kitchen floor and in a sobbing mess, occasionally mumbling "Master, help me", but of course he wasn't there. 

Pulling myself together, I went back out and got Hank, let the rest of the dogs out, then fed them all.  I hadn't seen any blood, but it was dark and I was in a state.   It did turn out that Ben's ear was ripped and needed stitches, but I didn't see it until the next day. 

Master got home and we went to bed.  I started crying again, and he pushed apart my legs and fucked me.  It was amazing and comforting to be his hole, to be wrapped up in his arms and taken.  

I could really do with a little less excitement in my life some days. 


  1. Fantastic scene. Less excitement unless it is kinky

  2. Thanks, it was great, until you had to drive home and deal with angry Dom dogs or dumb dogs or .... That part sounds awful, before the rain and an endorphin depleted state.



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