Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hard Use Day

I knelt on the floor between his legs, sucking his cock as she paddled my ass.   I couldn't really see, but I think there was a leather paddle, and a tawse, and a stick of some kind.  I'm really just guessing here, and I should probably ask Myst to fill in the details for me. (Added: I did ask- there was a purple cane involved). 
  But it all felt amazing.  After a long time they switched, I sucked down her rubber cock and Master beat on my back and ass with the paddles, and that hard strap that hurts so much, and who knows what else.  After another long time they moved me to the side so my ass was raised higher, and did the same again, except this time with the single tail.   
Sucking, and whipping.  It was so hard to concentrate on what I was doing, that soon they were holding me down by the hair and making me go all the way down, deep throating him until I gagged, drooled, my nose dripped, tears leaked out, drooled some more, gagged some more, struggled for breath, finally got to take one and then was held down again, all the way down.  And again. And again.   And then the whip again, my legs seemed to thrash about on their own.  The whip was striking harder than it ever has before, but I still had no desire to stop it.

Then, as I lay bent over the arm of the couch, she fucked me, I still had my mouth on his cock, but now it was even harder (heh) to concentrate.  They switched again, and now Master was fucking me.  It was all so overwhelming.  I was completely over the limit of the pleasures that should be allowed in one lifetime.  Then Master vanished for a minute, came back with lube, and used my ass as well.  It only hurt for a minute.   I was completely unable to walk straight by the time we were done.  I asked permission to get up, and having received it, staggered off to the bathroom.  


Afterward she said "I cut you with my whip.  That was bad." 
 I said in my hazy way "Oh, I don't mind".  
 Her reply:  "Oh, I know YOU don't.  It's bad because now I have to replace the end of the whip.  You should be beaten for that."

I still find this utterly hysterical- sick, sick person that I am.  


  1. Oh Holy HELL! Wow! That is something out of my fantasies.... and it's real life for you. You lucky lucky ksst!!!


  2. You are adorable when your bad, and you forgot to mention that although I love to beat you, while your Master fucked your ass I held you in my arms.

  3. Wow. Very hot.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Mystique, I always manage to leave things out. That was a very wonderful part, too.

  5. "That was both steamy and sticky!" (~from Music and Lyrics)


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