Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seven Things That Are Awesome About This Week

1.   Being suspended and treated like a pinata. 

2.   Crying from having subdrop and then, without being asked if I'm ok, or if I feel like doing it, being fucked until I'm not crying anymore.

3.   Master having vacation time coming up soon.

4.   Having an orgasm (or a dozen) after 2 days without any. 

5.  Being tied up to a female friend and being beaten/abused by Master and two other tops.  

6.  Game of Thrones

7.  Being Master's footstool, while naked and on a leash, at the dungeon while he watches Myst light people on fire. 


  1. Wow...sounds like an amazing week! Like seriously!

    OMFG, Game of Thrones is insanely good.

    Ooohhh you going to tell us more about hinted that it may happen.



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