Tuesday, June 18, 2013


First the large iron collar placed around my neck was locked.  Myst gave the key to my Master.   Master then fastened (using an Allen wrench) heavy iron manacles to my ankles, and had me try out walking in them.  Now I know why on TV prisoners are shown holding up the chain connecting their legs; those bracelets really dig into ankle bones with each step.  I hobbled about Mystique's house, until I was pushed over the coffee table, which was piled with pillows and draped with a plastic sheet.   I wasn't honestly sure what was going to happen next, but figured with the sheet it had to be messy...

"Are you ready?"

"Yes." I answered.  (Ready for what?)

I felt the hot wax drip on to my back, and burn for just a second before it cooled.  A few more drips, then I was pulled up and sent nude, hobbled, partly waxed, to the bedroom because someone (silly boy) had forgotten his work keys and was coming back for them.   

 (waxus interruptus?)

I waited until he'd gone again, the tootled back out and got into position again.   The wax was pleasantly warm at times to a tiny bit burny so that I jumped and squeaked.   It felt quite delicious on my sore hip, and running down into my ass crack.  Who'd have thought?   Actually, I had been wanted to try wax for a while, but I had not expected it to be such a sensuous experience.   Fingernails tracing across the wax, rubbing me... oooohhhh yes!

More and more wax splattered on to me, and the more that rained down the better it felt.

Then came the scraping.  I was ordered to hold very still and keep my eyes closed while they both scraped metal items over me until most of it was off.  I had a quick shower, and then was once again bent over the coffee table for a whipping.

Mystique's whip zipped out over and over, stinging my back and covering it with red welts.  Master sat on the couch in front of me. He said I was making too much noise and he didn't want to listen to it.  He pulled my head up using my hair and stuffed my panties in.   Ok, ok I can take a hint, no more whimpering.  

He held his hand up, and my eyes went from near closed to fully open and fixated.   He was about to give the signal to orgasm.   Then he shook his head and put his hand down.   Over and over with just a gesture he'd bring me to the edge and then make me back away.  The whip was going the whole time, alternating with some paddles, and this was not helping with the whole "waiting to cum" thing.    It was an intricate three way dance with me in the middle. 

To Be Continued tomorrow.... my brain just gave out on me. 


  1. Hmm. Delicious. I could picture the scene so vividly. You have a way with words.

  2. Oh my goodness, I haven't done wax in a while...but have LOVED it. I've had wax all over and it's intense and amazing!


  3. The wax was really good. I'd like to do that again!


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