Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sore but Happy

Yesterday Mystique and her submissive, nick. hasufel, came to visit us.  No play happened because the kids were here, but we hung out, chatted and gave him the tour of the farm, including the bottom part of the barn which has many possibilities for play- stalls, ceiling beams, even rings bolted into the walls which used to hold horses for tacking up or grooming.  Many, many possibilities... oh the naughty thoughts start up again.


This morning I have already been fucked twice, as well as tied up and paddled (ostensibly this was because I had my hand between my legs when he came back to bed, but really I think he just wanted to paddle me for fun).   I'm sore and I'm walking funny.   Master (aka Mr. Sex Machine) is going to need my help soon with reattaching the barn door, so I'm going to go get ready now. 

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  1. Work hard and play hard! Love it.



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