Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Thursday I was messaging with Master and I was telling him about the chores I had completed.  I added at the end "The lawnmower guy came" because we needed our lawnmower fixed.     He wrote back "You naughty slut".   Laughing and little pleasurable tingles ensued on my end.   Later, when he was home,  I told him I had not meant it that way, and then I joked, because he is always teasing me about whoring me out:

"But he did say he'd give us $100 off the repair if...".  

Master got a considering look on his face, like he was actually thinking about that trade.

A little incensed, he said:  "________  (name omitted) got $275 an hour."

My reply: "I'm going to take a lot less than an hour though".

I am a naughty slut, like he says.  

Last night we went over to Mystique's house for dinner and watching Game of Thrones- third season.  I loved the first two seasons, so I was really excited to get caught up on it.   She made dinner for us also, on the grill, and it was all delicious.   I served Master his food, got the kids settled in the bedroom with dinner, the other TV and cartoons, then we cuddled up on the couch for a few episodes.   It was as good as hoped for, although I hope they throw in some more sexy bits.  I like those :).  

  We also got to see the heavy iron collar and ankle manacles with attached chain that her sub made.  He does nice metalwork! What a useful guy, eh?    The ankle manacles fit me too :).  They lock with an Allen wrench.  The collar locks with a key.  I am hoping I get to wear the manacles sometime for longer than just a test fitting.   They are heavy, and I definitely would not be running anywhere with them on, which is hot.  


This morning Master had me lock the door and give him a nice long massage.   

We had a quickie, without beatings.    

Just as I was on the edge of orgasm, Master slapped me directly on the painful hip.  Traitorous, masochist body went instantly to a wild, intense orgasm from the pain.   But afterward there was no intensified pain there, so I'm thinking the bad pain the other night may have been due more to the way I rolled over on it than anything else.     Fingers crossed, anyway, for that.


Just for fun, I took this quiz, which I found on Sir Q and Me's blog: 

 What kind of submissive are you?

I don't put a lot of stock in this stuff, I just like quizzes, but anyway, here is my result:



You scored 53% Humiliation, 50% Submissiveness, 58% Service, and 69% Pain!
You're the Servant, what you seek most is to serve someone, give them the opportunity to live like kings/queens. You'd like to be able to do everything for them, household maintenance, errands and probably serve them sexually, you don't have too much high of a need to feel submissive, you don't need to feel like you're "used", you just enjoy in the pleasure of your Dom.
People like you usually seek long term relationships in which you can fully show the way you serve your Dom, although being allowed to come over to your Dom's house to fix dinner and clean the house would probably put a smile on your face.
Your association with pain or humiliation can be from none to wholesome, you may find it fun, or not, just check out your scores in those :)


If I am a servant type, Master's training has been working well.   I sure didn't start out that way.


  1. Oh my God, not that I NECESSARILY want it, but the thought of being whored out at Sir's direction....*fans self and blushes*

    The quiz is fun...ya, not that it's something to be take. Too seriously.



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