Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chainsaw and Fireworks

Or... "You know it's a party when..."

Yesterday was our local munch, but unfortunately the venue was closed.   Our savior, one of the group members, offered his cabin in the woods for everyone to come out and have fun.    We picked up food along the way and headed out there.

I had made some willow switches for the occasion:

 Master couldn't wait to get started beating me.  As we drove he hiked up my dress and slapped my inner thighs to a bright shade of red.

We pulled into the secluded cabin clearing, and by secluded I mean  "No one would ever find the bodies". 

We have been there many times and it is just a fabulous place to do what we do.  

As we were getting settled, Master mentioned that he thought I was wearing too many clothes.  I nodded, but still just sat there.  Sometimes his orders don't sound very order-y.  

"That wasn't a suggestion, that was an order, slave.  Take off your clothes."

Erk.  I pulled my dress off over my head.  No one else was naked, or even close to it, but the others didn't blink an eye.
Master looked pointedly at my bra.  "Ahem." So I quickly removed that as well.  He attached the leash to my collar.  I would be wearing that for the rest of the night.

When everyone had gathered around the campfire, Mystique began the meeting.    The official topic was canes, switches, paddles, and hitting people with things in general.   We were treated to demos, many examples of toys to examine, as well as some fireplay with a few volunteers, and actual fireworks.  All in all, a banging good time.  

Master waited for a lull, then had me stand up and grab the back of my chair.   He began whaling on me with the switches I had made, which were nicely stingy.   None of them broke either (other than the one I crunched while trying to move our chairs around earlier-oops-  it was the longest and the most fragile of them).  

He grabbed me by the collar and held it tight, choking me up, and told me to  "Cum!".   I did, of course.  Oh how I love the choking hold.

Master used the floggers on me, both ours, and one he borrowed which was kangaroo with latex tipped falls.  That one was a little stingy too, and quickly was almost unbearable between my shoulder blades.  I have a sensitive spot there.  

He then beat my ass with the grapevine cane, which is a thick one, and it was good and thuddy feeling after all the stingy things. The wavy paddle came last, and all this was plenty of ouchiness for me on that day, but even though I was slightly relieved when he stopped, I was also still wanting more.  I don't know how those two things coexist in my brain, but they did. 

When he had wrapped it up, one of our friends brought over some nipple clamps with tiny cowbells dangling from them.   With friends like this.... (just kidding).    Master attached them carefully, checking to make sure I could stand it, and when he saw that I could he slapped my breasts around for a few minutes to make them jingle.  Other than the initial strong pinch, it was a good kind of pain.   He made me come again, then removed the clamps.  

Meanwhile, others had paired off and were giving or receiving beatings in various places around the clearing.

We ate dinner in there sometime, with me fixing a sandwich for Master, serving him, and then one for myself.   

Around dusk it began to look like rain so most of us moved inside. But several of the menfolk decided this was the perfect time to take down a dead tree in front of the cabin.  Out came the chainsaw, ladder, ropes and protective gear.   Some of them had to put clothes back on as well. ;)
For a little while it seemed like we were in an episode of Red Green:

Red Green show

But there were no disasters and the tree fell exactly how they planned it.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging around, cuddling, talking and lighting people on fire.   It was very mellow.


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