Sunday, May 4, 2014


Well, every one is gone and I'm plopped on the couch all tired out.  There are still a few dishes left, and the laundry will wait for me, but I'm having a break.

The munch was awesome.  We had a world famous presenter talk to us and demo knife and sharp pointy things play.   Ok, I don't know if he really is world famous, but close enough in my mind.   The best thing about it was his stories, I think.  He can take the audience from laughter to near tears to back to laughter like a master.  He and his lovely assistant/slave stayed in our guest room last night.   The dinner went well, then we had fun talking for a while after and just hanging out until bedtime.  

Dinner menu from our kitchen:

BBQ ribs
party potatoes
pecan pie
cherry pie
ice cream
Plus lots of treats from everyone else, including rhubarb berry crisp.

Some of our friends came back for breakfast this morning too.  

I made strawberry shortcake and bacon, plus there was left over pie.   Then we had some whip cracking practice out in the yard.   Fun fun!  Yeah, our kids can crack a bull whip. 

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