Saturday, May 10, 2014

In which many things happen...

I don't know what I was thinking, volunteering to be a chaperone at the kid's school trivia night.   Three hours with 8 hopped up, hyperactive 3rd graders, one extremely bossy 4th grade girl and one little lost kindergartener foster brother?   Kill me now, please.   I'm soooo not cut out to be a teacher.   The kids all had a great time though, and no one was injured or broke anything in the classroom.  The kindergartener eventually found some friends and had a good time.

Master got home before I did, which was fine with him.  He knew I'd be at the school.   I had put a lamb and potato curry in the crockpot for dinner.  All the way home from school I was picturing myself doing soothing and submissive activities to try to get my mind turned from "bossy chaperone" into "submissive slave". 

Then after 10:00 pm, a friend's son arrived from Minnesota with a female dog to be bred to Hank.  I thought he would be there earlier, but driving all the way from another state after he got off work, we know how that goes.
  I have known them for years, and their dogs, and it will be an excellent cross.  This dog's grandmother's sister was one of my mom's best dogs.  

After I got her taken care of- she had to be walked, and petted by Master for a while, then settled into her crate and fed, then my own dogs all let out and put to bed and fed, after all that, I got to sit at Master's feet for a few minutes and be petted myself.

We went up to bed, and after a quick caning and fucking, we were trying to drift peacefully off when from downstairs came "ruff. Ruff.  Woooowowowowowwoooooo!"
 Listening to the bitch bark from 11:00 until 12:00 was not the sort of treat I was hoping for.  Eventually I got up and sat next to her, catching up on some posts while I kept her from keeping Master awake with her barking.   At 1:00, when I thought she'd settled in, I sneaked off to bed, and this time she was quiet.   

And then I'm up again at 6:00 am to get all the dogs exercised before the roofers get here at 8:00.  Oh joy.  


  1. AK,

    Wow. What a day. I taught young children for a couple of years. It is exhausting work!!! I am glad that you had some fun before bedtime.


    1. Me too, but mostly I was just really glad he was home again.


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