Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beg Me

His hand gripped my hair and wrenched my head until I gasped.  His other hand was lightly but definitely insistent on my throat.

"Beg me,"  he said.

"Please can I...?" 

"Can you what?"

"Please can I have an orgasm, Master?"


"Please will you fuck me, Master?"


"Please can you fuck me and not let me come, Master?"


"Please spank me Master?"

"Hmmmm, I guess I could do that" he allowed. 

He reached between my spread thighs to deliver some stinging slaps to my cunt.  

That was it.  Until an hour later we headed up to bed.

He made me believe we were going straight to sleep with nothing more than the spanking, right up until the moment he pulled off my cozy covers, pinned my arms to the bed above my head and slid between my thighs.


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