Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Early Slapsgiving?

Yesterday Master went to his other job again, the new one, which takes up a couple of his days off each month.    I get to go with him and help out, which is nice for us to be together all day (I love being with him) and also I'm learning new things and being generally useful.  

And, best of all, usually we get home in time for a little noisy kinky fun and then a nap.

We were on the way to work and chatting about Game of Thrones- what is going to happen next, who is hot and who is not, and I casually said "I think that Petyr Baelish is handsome.  I'd do him," and Master reached over and slapped my face. "Slut" he said casually.   It wasn't a hard slap, just a little reminder tap really, of who owns me.   

I may have mentioned that it was a very light slap.  Because derp.  Well, the driver to passenger angle for face slapping is bad, so instead he gave me some really stingy slaps on my thighs.  

It is all in good fun, you know.  I may be cheeky, but this is the sort of cheek he likes.  

After work, when we pulled into our driveway it was raining a bit.  Master steered me over to one of the barns and stripped my shirt and bra off.  He used the bra to tie my hands, then pushed me to my knees.  I sucked his cock, he pumped it hard into me, then he told me to get up and turn around.  He pulled down my jeans.  I was so wet, so fucking wet.  He fucked from behind for just a minute and then told me we were going inside.  So, I'm kind of hobbling along behind him, trying to half hold up my jeans with my bound hands and not trip over them, still more than half naked and getting cold and wet.   Inside, I stripped off everything once he had untied my hands, then I made lunch and we ate a little salad.  

After I'd sucked his cock again, he took me upstairs and strapped my hands and feet to this contraption:  


It was giving my abs a work out, since he required me to stay in that position as he kicked me in the butt, then went to get the camera to snap a picture.   Afterward he used the whip on my tender bits (ow!) and thighs, then fucked me in this same position.  

He released my ankles, had me stand up, and then whipped both sides of me with the shorter single tail, getting my nipples quite a bit.  He plied the bull whip on my backside.   He doesn't use it cruelly, and I know bullwhips can be damaging, but somehow he does it just hard enough to raise a good stinging.   

Then more sex and nap.   Ahhhhhh.   After that, he ordered a cup of tea to stock up.  0.o
I washed him in the shower and he gave me my shower treat.   It had a bit of pungency.  This was not unexpected because we had the first of the fresh garden asparagus Sunday.



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