Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reminders and Back to Mindset

It was a hot afternoon.  The sun and humidity have finally come to the Upper Midwest.  

We'd already had sex after breakfast, with some accompanying spanking and bondage, and best of all, he wrapped his leather strap around my head, gagging me with it, and fucked me while holding it taut.  

 Master had gone upstairs again after lunch.   I followed him some time later.  He was lying in bed reading and told me to get undressed and lie with him.  "You can rub my back", he said, "and we can read our books."

Instead of picking up his book he began a litany of reminders and reinforcements, each requiring a reply:

"You are my slavegirl".
"Yes, Master." 

"I own you".
"Yes, Master." 

"You will always obey me".
"Yes, Master." 

"Even if I tell you to do things you don't want to do, you will obey".
 "Yes, Master." 

"You are expected to please me."
"Yes, Master."

and so on, until I began to wonder what he was up to, as this was going on much longer than usual.  

Finally he asked "You know what I'm going to tell you to do, right?"


And then suddenly I did know where he was heading with this. 

You may remember this blog post where I was intentionally vague due to my own discomfort level:  


He wanted me to tie him up and pleasure him, but he remained completely in control the whole time.  He didn't tell me every little thing to do, but sometimes he'd give me orders.   I teased him really well, almost making him come and then switching positions, sometimes sucking, sometimes fucking, doing various other things to tease and make him happy.  Once I brought out a clothespin, and he thought I was going to pin it on him, but I put it on my nipple instead.  

It was really fun, and thanks to his getting my mindset all corrected at the beginning I didn't have any qualms or much unease at all.   

I think of it as a service to him, and I'm good.   

Eventually, when he'd had enough of the slow tease, he "escaped" and fucked my mouth and came inside me while I was tied up. 


  1. We don't really switch any more, but when we were still doing it, that was how I saw it…as a service to him. He enjoyed it. I'm sure we will again sometime and that mindset was crucial for me! I am glad that y'all had fun. That - re-assertion of control and power at the end is so critical to having a great experience. When He wouldn't take back power and fuck me back into submission, I was hell on wheels after we switched. It was something we learned the hard way :)


  2. I'm soooo not switch-y.

    The important thing to me is that I never feel I am really topping. When I felt he was simply abdicating the top position, that other time, I got kind of like a "Woah, what's going on here?? I can't do this, help, help" feeling. Maybe I'm afraid of heights? I certainly do love the fucked into submission part, though.

  3. LOL....hmm the right head space would be so important, and maybe hard to get to. Now the being fucked back to submission sounds wonderful...
    hugs abby


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