Saturday, May 24, 2014

Guests, and the Swap

We had some special guests on Friday, and she brought me a present:  

Master hasn't used it on me yet, but I'm eagerly/nervously anticipating.  
I keep hinting at it, and he says "Down, slave" in that way he has when I'm getting too forward.

Friday morning started with me undressing her, as her Dom instructed me.   Then we were both spanked/paddled as we played with each other.  Master brought out the ice dildos, one for each of us.  It was painfully cold, but also got me close to coming as he inserted into my cunt.  I could tell from her trembling that she was receiving the same.

After Master had spanked and whipped me very well, he handed me over to the other Dom, shoved me literally to him, and said "Have fun with her".   
"X" handed me a condom and indicated that I should kneel and put it on.  I was all fumbled fingered with nerves though and he had to help me.   Honestly you'd think it was my first rodeo.

I set about sucking him, which he seemed to enjoy, then he pointed to the floor and "X" told me "There".   I got on my hands and knees and oh my, the fucking I got.  I have rug burn on my elbows from after my hands collapsed.   Seriously.   There are raw scabs there now. 

As I was getting fucked, listening to her moans of pleasure made me smile. She was getting close to orgasm.  Again.

    I tried to raise up and turn my head to see them, to see Master fucking this lovely lady, another man's submissive girl, but my shoulders were pushed back down, my face into the carpet, just after I caught a glimpse.  He, "X", was fucking me slow now, gently almost, after pounding me hard.   

Eventually, we had to take a rest.  I threw on my apron and made some lunch.  Grilled cheese sandwiches.  How normal, right?  We stood around in the kitchen eating, all nude, not really wanting to set bare butts on kitchen chairs. 

When we'd finished lunch, Master indicated both of us girls to get on our knees and share his cock. 

Then she took out her strap-on.  It was huge.  And pointy. And pink. Oh my.  Master told them about my fantasy of being restrained and used by several people at once, or sequentially.  (See the danger of bucket lists?) 

Master told me to go fetch the spreader bars from upstairs.  I didn't even know we had two of them, but sure enough, there they were in his closet.   

Master buckled me into them, and pushed me to the floor.  He held my hands above my head with the bar, while she began fucking me with no preamble, just thrust it right in.  Wow, that was big.  And really pointy.  It felt awesome.  It was painfully awesome.  Or awesomely painful.  Master knelt over me and put his cock down my throat.  Soon I could feel her being rocked by her Dom as he fucked her from behind.   Master still held my arms pinned with the spreader bar.   

I was flipped over, the spreader was removed, and I was used every way possible, in every combination, except for anally, which Master reserves only for himself.

Eventually I ended up riding her strap on while sucking both cocks alternately.  You see this in porn sometimes, but let me tell you, the real thing is WAY hotter.  That might have been the highlight of my day.    

My cunt is incredibly sore now, which did not stop Master from fucking me again this morning.  But it is a really GOOD kind of pain.



  1. Sounds like you enjoyed this a lot. I wish you many repeats!

  2. Oh holy hell, ancilla!!! That is just about my perfect fantasy!!!! Dayam-I am beyond envious!


  3. You know, it is really really fun, but I have had all sorts of complicated feelings around this, which I can't really express. It all basically boils down to "He orders it and I do it", and having fun is ok too!


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