Monday, May 5, 2014

All Mind Fucked Up

Master wanted to try an interrogation scene with me.  That shit fucks me up in the mind.  I KNEW he was just doing a play-acting thing.  But he was really hard on me, and I'm a sensitive fucking prairie flower, er, prairie poop.    He was hitting me HARD and pressing me to divulge secrets, aw heck, pretty soon I was making stuff up right and left.  By making up stuff, I mean telling things that he already knew that I thought might be somewhat like secrets, or at least were humiliating for me to say again.  And then I said outrageous things like "I actually am a Russian spy".  Each fake secret was met by harder blows on my posterior from the riding crop until he decided I had nothing left. I was crying and racking my brain for any possible secrets.  But I had nothing.  I don't keep things from him.  At the same time as I knew it was a game, in the moment it didn't FEEL like a game. 

It. Was. So. Fucking. Hot.  



  1. I really hope my Master doesn't decide to try this! Like you, I have no secrets and I suck a making stuff up. He always knows when I am not telling the truth.

    It does sound hot though!

  2. oh wow! this sounds like so much fun! in a scary way, sure, but then I do find that fun :D


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