Friday, May 30, 2014

Butt Plug Task

Before he left, he told me Friday at around 5:00 I had to put the plug in and wear it until he told me to take it out.  Oh, and be sure to wear a skirt so he can inspect it.

For the past two days I've been pondering how it was going to be wearing it for hours.  Well, now it is past 5 and I have put the plug in.  It wasn't too bad at all putting it in.  I was nice to myself, lying comfortably, lubing up well, getting all, um, excited.   I can't have an orgasm, but I figured (I hope) a little playing was allowed to get everything all relaxed.  

Sitting is weird though.  I think I need a pillow.  It is very definitely, insistently PRESENT.


  1. Just wait until you can put it in with an orgasm. It's so wonderful! For me, I say that wearing it is "grounding or calming". To me, it keeps my focus coming back to Him because he commanded me to wear it and I can NEVER forget that it's there. I love that constant reminder.

    Hope you have fun.


    1. It's been just over an hour, and it alternates between uncomfortable to kind of interesting. I have given up sitting in a chair and taken the lap top to bed.

    2. I have to insert a butt plug twice a day, 15 minutes a time, its an inflatable one....i hate the fucking thing lol

      but i do find it oddly comforting!



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