Saturday, May 31, 2014

I didn't make it

About 40 minutes after I wrote the last comment on the previous blog post my stomach cramped up something awful, and since he had given me permission to take out the plug if I started being in serious pain, I cried a little bit (both at feeling like I was failing and also because I hurt) then I took it out.  I called him right away to let him know, and he was already on his way.   He said not to put it back in even if I felt a little better.   I felt bad most of the evening, just my stomach, not because of the plug or for failing to have it in all evening.   He was tired too so we just went to bed early.

I was better in the morning, and lay in bed until he woke up hoping that he'd want something besides just breakfast.   I mean, it had been since Wednesday night for any fun at all.  

He did, and how!   He fucked me all kinds of ways, and paddled me quite hard, and I came many times.  

After that I made waffles to go with the strawberry rhubarb sauce that Master had made last night.  I just ate one, but skipped the ice cream everyone else was having.   I couldn't resist the deliciousness, but it was still too much and I've been paying for it.
Mystique dropped by for a waffle and to plant some tomatoes and watermelons in the garden.   

Later on I was curled up rather in a ball of pain in bed and Master walked in.  He began snapping his belt.  "That sounds always perks you up", he said.  It did too.   He called me over to him and snapped my backside with the belt a few times.  My stomach seemed to forget that it hurt.  He then bent me over and took me up against the window ledge.  When he put me on the floor though, the stomach objected to that position.  Stupid body.  Stupid stomach.  After what seemed like a really long time, he pulled out and fucked my mouth, then came all over my face.  Somehow, my stomach felt better for a while, before it remembered that it had to torture me some more.  It's better now, but I'm afraid to eat lunch.

Anyway, you all wanted an update on my doctor visit.  First of all, she won a place in my heart by telling me, after I said I lost weight but was happy about that at least, that she didn't think I looked like I needed to lose weight at all.  

Evidently I have a bacterial vaginosis (overgrowth of bad bacteria), and I am a little anemic.  She's getting an appointment set up for me with a gastroenterologist for more tests.  That is all I know for now.




  1. It sounds like you are at least getting there with some answers ... continued good luck! ava x

  2. I am so sorry that your stomach was acting up. Sometimes trapped gas can give me stomach cramps like that…but once it's out (the gas), I'm better. IDK. That just sucks. And, I can so relate to the feeling lousy…both physically and emotionally - the emotional part is such a huge kicker. UGH. I hope everything gets better soon!



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