Sunday, May 18, 2014

Slave's Life

I have so many good things to write about, so why am I most tempted to write about the bad today? It was the funniest part of the day so far, but...

This morning we woke up, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, and after he came back from the bathroom he asked me if I need to go too.   I say "Not really."   And he says "Are you sure?" with a very significant look that means I'm not going to get another chance for a while, so I say "I better go now then".  

He called me his hole, his wicked slut, and used me well in several ways.  We both got a lot of pleasure in fact.  I also got some hard paddling on my still-sore backside (last night I had gotten a very long hard spanking and caning).  

Eventually I got up to make breakfast, made the coffee and tea, and he came down to eat and use the computer.  We are down to only one computer in the house now, after the other died, so I read my book for awhile.  I'm reading The Once and Future King.  But I was rather anxious to get on the computer too, and read my groups on Fetlife, and the blogs I follow, and Facebook and all that stuff I do in the morning.   I was doing my best imitation of being patient and unconcerned though.

 Around 10 am he said for me to make him one more half cup of tea, and then we were going to go work in the garden.   I looked a bit plaintive and asked if I could use the computer first.   He just blinked at me like I'd asked him to buy me a spaceship.    I guessed that was a "no" then, and I got dressed and went out to haul some compost and dig in the garden for a few hours.

 I'm not sure why I find it so funny.  I guess it was just that look he had on "You want WHAT? After I've just said we're going to garden?!!"  


  1. I have seen that look....It makes me giggle every time. :)

    1. I sure wasn't giggling at the time! I was ducking and running. But later on it seemed giggle-worthy. LOL

  2. It sounds like his look speaks volumes.


    1. Yes it does. It is one of those things they teach at Master school. How to get your slave to behave with one hard look.

  3. ah yes. the Paddington Bear hard stare. My husband's good at that one too!


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