Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Last night Master was tired, so we watched a show on DVD, then went straight to sleep.  He's said I'm not allowed any orgasms until Friday, so I may be getting a bit antsy by then.  

Especially after this morning.  

I went up to our room after his shower to see if he wanted anything, and I knelt to kiss his foot.  He picked up his belt and instead of putting it straight on he folded it in that certain way. 

 I'm sure you know what I mean. 

I obligingly turned around and presented a bare behind, still crouched on the floor as I was.   

He struck just once, directly between my legs and hard, so I jumped and squeaked.  Then he told me to roll over and he resumed getting dressed as I lay on the floor spread out the way he told me.

"No orgasms, slave.  None at all until Friday, remember", he reminded me.

"Yes, Master". 

Hurry up Friday!


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