Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moms- for real

When I talked to my mom this week she apologized for having been a bad mother.  I don't think those were her exact words, but she said though she tried really hard she never was a "natural" mother and didn't have the patience or nurturing ability she should have had.

I told her immediately that I'd always thought she was a good mother, but on the spur of the moment I could not find the words to say what I really felt and how deep it went.

In fact, it chokes me up to think that she thinks she failed us in any way.  I really do think she was the best mom ever.  I want to write her a letter, a real letter, with a postage stamp, saying all the things she did for me and how much it meant, but I just get all choked up and writer's blocked thinking about it.   Maybe I should just aim for writing one thing each day.  

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  1. My mum has sometimes worried that she failed us because my father left etc and I have felt exactly the same - you are crazy talking like this mum, you are the best ever!! Anyway, the letter sounds like a beautiful idea - and the writers block will pass :) ava x


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