Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What is a Slave?

A perfectly ridiculous question on Fetlife  (there are a lot of them) made me start thinking again about what is a slave.  

I realize everyone has their own ideas of what this means, and every Master is going to treat their slave differently.

However.  Being a slave doesn't just mean doing the things you want to do.  That is being the kinky girlfriend/boyfriend.

When one is a female slave looking for a sexual relationship with a male Master, isn't it kind of absurd to say "I won't do blowjobs, or I'll only do them when I feel like it, not when he demands it"?   And not because of any medical reason, just because.  Or even more ridiculously (paraphrasing) "I'll only do it in adult theaters to random strangers, but my 'master' better not demand it because then he's not treating me like a special gift".  

Yes, it was at that point that the chuckles/guffaws/unstoppable snorting began.  

On one hand, I try to accept the philosophy that some slaves are allowed limits.  This is a philosophy that I try to apply to other people because it is SO common in the M/s world, and especially the kink world in general.  It is out of tolerance for other ways of doing things that I try.
 It is not one that I personally accept though.  I could not feel like a slave, and don't feel that I would be a slave, if I were telling my Master "I won't do this, just because I don't like it".  

This is entirely different from limitations, if I were to tell him "I won't fly out the window, because I can't fly", that is pure physical fact.  I just can't without an airplane or something- no matter how hard I flap my arms, I'm going to plummet.  

 It is also not the same as giving him vital information and letting him handle it as he wishes.  I'm not just allowed, but required to give him that information.

As much as I don't like things to be on me, it absolutely is on my shoulders sometimes to know whether it is a time to speak up or a time to be silent and obey.   Common sense, experience and knowing myself come into play there.  

I feel that I need to be made to do things I don't necessarily want to do at times.   This is not something all slaves need, but for me, it is.  Happily for me, Master gets enjoyment out of the forcing.  Not all the time, that would be exhausting, but sometimes.   Most of the time, "force" isn't even physical.  It is simply a command that takes over my will and makes me do the thing that I didn't want to do.   If he can make me enjoy and crave doing that thing, then all the better for his pleasure and control.  Taking something I used to hate or avoid and making me desire it, crave it, beg for it?  Well, it just gives him the happies in his Masterly heart.  

Whether I love sucking cock or not is essentially irrelevant.   I do it because I'm his slave and I obey him.  The same goes for many, many other things.

Make no mistake, I do love most of the things I do for him, even beyond the fact of pleasing him, I am getting physical pleasure often.   But even past the point where I love it, or when I perform an act that I don't love, I do it because I'm his slave.  He owns me, and he has the absolute right to demand things from me, just because he owns my ass.  

That is what being a slave means to me.  


  1. See, isn't Fet an eternal source of both amusement and amazement? The thing is though that some of that does send a person into interesting tangents...
    Some of that shit is inspirational :D

    1. It sure helps inspire me to write when I have no kinky doings to report on!

  2. I like your distinction between limits and limitations - so straightforward and no nonsense. I don't/can't put limits on him, but i do have limitations - some logical (I can't fly either) and others are things i am just not good at and work on.

    1. I've got some things I'm terrible at too. He may wish I were a high paid lawyer so he could retire in comfort some days (LOL) but that is also a bit like expecting me to fly out a window.

  3. i also like your distinction between limits and limitations - makes sense to me in the growing realisation that he can actually push any of my so called hard limits and I would yeild.

    ah yes fetlife. You guys got me curious to point of signing up just to have a read... um, yes. quite!

    1. It is a big and varied and sometimes crazy site! You can find some comfy groups if you look around, though.


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