Friday, May 9, 2014

First of May, Nine Days Late

First of May

Spring has definitely been delayed this year, so I don't feel bad about being nine days late with this post. 

For us, it actually started on Sunday the 4th.   After all our guests had gone home Master and I went for a long walk (and didn't get soaked or hailed on this time- yay!).   

When we got back into the farmyard he headed for one of the barns.  I followed.  He told me to sit down on this piece of board, and he unzipped his pants.  I sucked him hard, then he told me to get up and bend over.  He pulled down my jeans and panties and he fucked me quickly, then we rearranged our clothes and headed back inside.   First of May, first of May, outdoor fucking starts today! 

Ok, now you should listen to the song link at the top if you haven't already.    
You might learn some sign language, I know I did. 

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