Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Whores and Prayers From the Wicked

Warning:  If you are a devout anything you will probably be offended by this blog.

I was going to finish writing up Saturday night's activities, but Master wanted me to skip ahead and write this, and he's the boss. 

Sunday morning dawned bright and early (well, rainy, windy and early) with a giant cat brushing against my hand and then leaping on to the bed next to my head.   Kitty (Dracula is his name) then curled up next to my feet and we both went to back to sleep.  
I woke a short time later and listened for signs that the house was stirring.  When I was sure that people were up, I got up, showered, got dressed in a long skirt and blouse and went to the kitchen to search for coffee.   Scott pointed me to the cups and I began to revive somewhat to a state of  somewhat less zombiefiedness.   

A bit later Master came to the kitchen and told me, while shaking his head disapprovingly, that I was wearing way too many clothes. 

 I had my apron on, for helping with breakfast.  
 I removed everything but the apron.   

Kaya made sausage gravy while I worked on some biscuits, then when it was all ready she asked if they wanted to eat by the TV or at the table.   Scott told SassyMistressV she should choose, and she said we should all sit down for a meal together.   

We sat at the table.  Master and I were holding hands.  Then Scott and Sassy were holding hands, and beckoning Kaya into the circle.  Scott asked my Master to say the blessing.  I was somewhat startled, not really knowing the religious inclinations (or not) of everyone present, but Master, like the Methodist preacher's son that he is, launched into the exact sort of prayer that his dad would say, has said, at many meals.  With a twist.

With bowed head, I listened.

"We thank you God, for what we are about to receive, for this food, and these friends, and the hot kinky sex and the fantastic fucking that we have had and for that which will soon commence.  O Lord, we give thanks to you.  Amen." 

Some may have looked around for the lightening bolt to strike, but I feel God has a sense of humor.  I mean, just look at us.

Then Master, to be all inclusively blasphemous, said in Arabic the Muslim dedication to the faith, which I do not know by heart and thus cannot write for you here.   I don't think he knows the Arabic for "hot kinky sex", but with him, I wouldn't be too sure of that.

It was all delicious, and soon enough we had finished digesting enough that it was time to play again.  

Master had promised Sassy an hour with me, of whatever she wanted to do to me, and then they thought it would be fun if I were to blow him at the same time as she was beating me.   I got my blanket to kneel on (to protect the carpet), and got between his legs as he sat back on the couch.  

She started slowly, and I'm not going to remember everything in order, that is too much to ask, besides I did not see all the implements, but whatever it was (cat toy?  lunge whip?) felt nice and swishy.  There were floggers, both the butter soft deer hide called "Heaven" and the plastic wire or spline flogger called "Hell".  She alternated in a most delicious manner between the soft and the stingy, then switched to wooden paddles.   Those make me jump about, twitch, shift my feet, try to avoid the pain, whine, yip and finally sob.   I don't know what it is, but they are special that way.   I did all of that while she ordered me back into position repeatedly.  Now I was standing bent over, but I could not do it straight, there was far too much shifting about of my feet.  

Meanwhile I was being gagged and choked and periodically held down on Master's cock until I couldn't breathe, then allowed up to gag some more.   

Then I began laughing.  Laughing with his cock in my mouth.  Laughing as she ordered me to stand correctly and be still.  Laughing as if the whole world were one big joke as the paddle stung my ass and made me sob/laugh/gag on cock.   

It was brilliant. 

Behind me I heard Sassy begin to whale on kaya, who was providing the same service to Scott that I was doing for Master.  Master ordered me to go watch.  I straightened up, wiping my bleary face and stumbled over until I could get a good view.   

After checking with Scott, Master ordered me down on my back, under kaya, ordered me to lick her.  Complicated emotions ran through me.  Excitement being number one.  But also:

"Is this ok? Will she like this?  Scott says yes, it works for him, but what will she think?"  
Yeah, that stuff matters to me, a lot.  Does it matter to the men?  Not much, I guess.   But I didn't have time for those questions, I only had time to obey.  

I slid underneath and did my best to arouse and please.  I could tell I was doing ok when she began to tremble and beg Scott to allow her to come.  God, that was hot.  
 Meanwhile, Master slid into me, fucked me and Sassy beat my outer thighs with a wooden paddle.  This left the biggest bruise of all and hurt so bad I begged her to stop.   

"No! Don't! Stop!" evidently means "No, don't stop!" in some languages.   

At some point I overheard Sassy dubbing this the "Sunday Morning Whores" show.   When she wished there was a boy to beat, my Master told her she could hit him with the soft flogger, and she did, as he was still fucking me.   And he liked it!  Of course, that deer hide flogger feels GOOD, I don't care who you are!   

I couldn't really see anything, with my view entirely blocked by lovely cunt, but I could hear.  

We switched around again so Scott could take her doggie style, and again I was shoved underneath, so now I had the up close and personal porn style angle on the fucking.  Woah.  Never done that before!  Besides, the hairs on his balls totally tickled my nose when I went in for some more cunt eating.   Kaya was laughing at something Sassy said, and that started me in laughing again, especially with my nose getting tickled.  Cumming, laughing, cumming.  Oh yeah. 

There were hands all over.  I had to ask Master later whose hands were where, just out of curiosity, because even when Sassy was ordering me to open my eyes (I guess I had shut them) all I could see was super hi-def intercourse.  

Master fucked me some more in that new position.  It felt so good!  I had a different man's hand on each boob, twisting and pulling.  I couldn't tell which was which- they were both strong, hard and pain inducing. 

I have no idea how many orgasms we had between us, but there were a BUNCH.   I love listening to Kaya beg to cum. Love it!  

When it was all done I lay, puddlified, for a long time on the floor next to Master.   I asked to be allowed to get a shower eventually, but my legs were so wobbly I gave up the idea of walking and began crawling to the bathroom.  Master half carried me and showered with me, to make sure I wouldn't fall.  Isn't that sweet?  

We really should do this more often, ya know?      

Sunday morning whores, indeed.


  1. Sounds like an amazing time!!!! Very lucky to have a close group of friends to enjoy the weekend with! so jealous!...our time will come....

  2. I do feel lucky that we have had a chance to get to know people, near and far. We have had some really great experiences.

  3. Now this is the type of church I would look forward to going to each Sunday. Thanks for sharing

  4. Wow! This sounds like an amazing weekend and play session!


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