Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Good Day

Yesterday I had a very good day.  I started feeling almost like a privileged free person (horrors!) as my Master's main instructions before he left for work, as I performed my gate opening and tit flashing for him, were to have fun with his mom.  

First thing, I went for my run (1.5 miles of running, 1.5 miles walking on the way back) and then did my chores with the sheep and yard.

 After getting cleaned up, I wore the new outfit mom-in-law brought me, a peasant blouse and skirt ensemble with is just my style, and she took us out to lunch, and then we looked at furniture (the kids love this, especially testing out the chairs that help people stand up -they were amazed that such things exist in the world) and I enjoy it too, though I would need to get Master's permission before buying anything).

Then back home for a rest before going out to dinner at a supper club with Master.  All of these are such rare treats, especially the eating out twice (and not having cooking and dishes!), but I was eager to have some alone time with him as well, to hear him call me "slavegirl" and perhaps do some other things to me.

We stayed up late, but after everyone else was asleep we discovered our room had been invaded by gnats again.  Rather than have another sleepless night with the vicious biting insects, we spent a good long time smashing them.  There must have been thousands, I'm not joking.  Stupid bugs. 

At one point Master was slapping them off the ceiling with my shorts and I told him it sounded just like a spanking taking place.

"Now we have an excuse if anyone hears us", I said, "We were just 'smashing gnats'"!

After most of the gnats were gone, Master told me to lie on the bed, and he brought out the misery stick and the lighter.  By turns he was beating and scaring me (and I found that the deeper of my brands is still VERY sensitive).  

Then he let me ride him, and as he fucked me, he held off my nose and mouth, which built up an unexploded orgasm several times over.  He let me come, then told me to get the Hitachi out.  I rode him again and used that happy device, waiting almost unbearably long before his next command to come, and then come again, and come again, and each orgasm was building on the one before until I had one that was painfully intense.  I was close to crying, and definitely listing off to one side of him when he told me to turn it off.  

He fucked me hard from behind, which felt utterly amazing after all those orgasms, and he came, pulsing inside me.

And no gnats bit me in my sleep!  

Today Master has the day off (a big vacation through part of next week).


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  1. Sounds like a great day! Its nice to be able to eat out, and not have dishes waiting for you!


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