Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gnight of the Gnats by DM (Master)

I really hadn't intended to do it.  Friday had been the night of the gnats, when an entire cloud of gnats had come in through the screen and kept us awake for hours.  So Saturday night we were both so tired that all we wanted was bed.  But then she saw my eyes light on the lighter, and for a moment I saw a real flicker of fear in her eyes, so I had to, just had to play with her.  "Don't worry sweetie, I said," smiling down at her with my best Ramsay Bolton smile, "I'll never hurt you."

    First I made ksst lay on her back.  I picked up the lighter and told her how happy I was that it was out of butane; now I could use it to deliver a hefty spark.  I clicked it a couple of times so she could see the spark flash in the tip of the igniter, and described how I had accidentally zapped my self several times, and how much it had hurt.  I told her how I had to hold the lighter really close, so it was a good thing it was out of fluid, or she would get burned.  I held the lighter close to her nipples, and made little zapping noises, zzzt!  zzzzzt!

    As I did this, ksst wiggled and squirmed away while batting futilely at me with her hands.  "It gets them bound!" I hissed at her, then bound her hands through the headboard with the leather strap.  Pulling her hard towards the foot of the bed stretched her out enough that she could neither bat at me with her hands nor wiggle, and I went back to work.  Again I showed her the sparking ignition module while making happy zapping noises.  Again I rubbed the lighter over her breasts and naked tummy, then back up to pretend to light her nipples like wicks. Indifferent to her writhing and grimaces, I only smiled wider at her whimperings, and started clicking the lighter again.  Imagine my surprise when a rather robust flame shot out of the tip.  Ksst practically pulled herself into a ball, whimpering with sheer terror at the sight of this.  I snapped my fingers and she exploded into a frenzied orgasm that lasted literally for minutes.  The fucking was almost an afterthought.

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