Thursday, July 9, 2015

Waking Up

Waking up with a sore ass is one of the joys of hearty spankings!  I did this morning, for sure.  Master used the cutting board paddle to play a fun (for him) game, then made me think he was going to break my toes by tapping them with the cane and then suddenly slamming the floor.  

I jumped! 

The paddle game went this way:  I had to start counting down from 100 and he would hit me only after I said certain numbers.  I was supposed to guess the pattern.  At about 80 I guessed "Hit three times and then skip one?" which was wrong, but I couldn't find any pattern.  At 67 (or so) I guessed "random" which was correct, but he threw in a few more good whacks just to be sure before switching to the heaviest cane.  

He flogged me as I was on my hands and knees, which felt AMAZING.  It had been a while and I forgot how much I like that.

Then he let me suck him for a time, and sent me to get in bed.  But the beatings weren't done yet!

First, the misery stick, and after that he rolled me on my back and sat on my legs.  He grabbed the lighter and brought it down to my chest as if to light my nipples like candles!  No burns this time though.

A few punches to the tits, then he was fucking me and it was wonderful. 

 Master commented the other morning that he likes the marks I have from last Saturday.  I still have three red marks, one of which blistered pretty well.

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