Friday, July 10, 2015

Things I Did Today

Things I did today:

Cooked breakfast
Worked (on the computer)
Posted things on Fetlife
Masturbated for less than one song on the radio
Paid bills
Cleaned the house
Trained one of the dogs on sheep
Went shopping
Went to the bank
Hid treasures in my mowed pasture maze for the kids to find
Filled up the dogs' swimming pool
Picked peas and radishes from the garden
Had a shower
Washed dishes

making dinner- noodles with red sauce, salad, radishes, peas, appetizer of crackers and cheese

Our wedding anniversary is today.  I got Master just the gift he wanted- I bought some rocks and patched up the holes in the driveway. That was Wednesday.  He seemed pretty happy.


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