Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ughfhfhfh things to do

The upstairs part of the house is too hot, despite air conditioning, I'm crabby and stressed out, and Master's mom is coming to visit us tonight, so I've been trying to get everything ready and cleaned.  She's staying a few weeks.   

So far today I've made the kids clean their rooms (through much whining on the part of the little one),  I've cleaned out the shelves in the guest room and dusted and vaccumed in there and in the kids' rooms.  I'm working on laundry and getting sheets back on the bed. 

I cleaned both bathrooms, dusted the downstairs haphazardly, straightened up and somewhat de-kinked our bedroom (it is amazing how much stuff we don't really hide normally). 

I did my exercise walk, took the kids along and had to listen to the little one pout and whine some more (because I mowed part of the pasture of all things).  I sent Master a message saying I was beginning to regret children.

I cleaned some on the kitchen parts that needed attention. I cleaned out the fridge, which is one of my normal Tuesday chores.  

I scooped the yard of dog poop (this is a daily chore). 

I also tried to track down a package I ordered that never arrived.

It's only 11:00 and I still have to shop for food, do some computer tasks and sweep the floors, as well as finish the laundry and get the sheets put back.  

I should have written a nice post about the amazing attention Master gave me last night, but I sat down and this is what came out.



  1. Wow! Your a super mum!!! I wish I had half your energy! Some of your heat would be nice tho! Its very cold here in Australia at the moment!

  2. bloody hell ancilla, what a busy bee lol

    My eldest does his room without nagging, my daughter i have to resort to threats and oh well she is just hard work in itself!



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