Saturday, July 4, 2015

Skinny Red Head, Part 3 of fantasy

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I was shuttling quickly back and forth from kitchen to dining room, with little time to reflect on the afternoon's events until Master and his guests, their lust sated (for now), were enjoying their after dinner conversation. 

Today's events with the girl had brought back all those memories of the skinny red head with huge breasts whom Master had bought years ago.  She'd been totally untrained and rather wild.   The door to door slave salesman that left her with us had told my Master always to keep her naked, it was the only way to maintain her as a slave.   She was drop dead gorgeous in her natural state, so he had no problem with that recommendation.
The first day of breaking came quickly for her.  She behaved terribly, not submitting to Master or the others without injuring several of them in the process.  They finally managed to chain her down and have their way with her.  I felt no really connection to this wild girl, who had arrived barely three days before and had been in lock down ever since.  I knelt off to the side, watching her, amazed at her strength and spirit.  Finally though, she was quiet, just as the girl today had been at the end.

I washed but did not dress the red haired girl.  She wore only a chain collar.  She was unresisting, and did not cry or cling to me as the girl today had.  She served at dinner that night, naturally graceful but of course not trained in the finer details of service.

I helped her along with that, and also with the sexual aspects over the next few months.  She was very keen on those. 

Soon she was the model slave: beautiful, obedient, sexy, almost always graceful and compliant.  Master named her Bobbie for the way she bobbed her head to him obediently.

One afternoon as Bobbie was serving Master's tea, she was not quite as graceful as usual, and happened to trip and spill on him.  He yelled as the hot liquid spattered him, and then continued to yell at her as she backed away in fear, holding her hands up in supplication.

"You stupid, clumsy cunt! What were you thinking, spilling hot tea on me!  You were not thinking!  You did it on purpose!  I'm going to ring your bell upside down and backwards for that!" 

 He advanced slowly on her but she only backed away more quickly.  In frustration he removed his hard leather shoe and threw it at her.   The red haired girl, looking more beautiful than ever in her fear, caught it in her upraised hands.

She looked down at the shoe in amazement, beginning with a stutter but gradually growing more confident:

"M-master has given Bobbie a shoe.   Bobbie is free now".

And with a poof she vanished.  

We don't talk about the skinny red haired girl anymore.

But I still think about her. 


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