Thursday, July 16, 2015

Out of the mouths of Mother in Laws

Master's mom is staying with us, as I mentioned a couple times.  

Today Master took the kids for haircuts while I made dinner, and he'd mentioned on the way home from the raspberry picking farm where we picked our 4 buckets of berries (and getting rained on gently the whole time), that he wanted me to pick beans and radishes for dinner.  I did so, even though it was raining, of course. 

During dinner his mom says to him "She was out there picking in the rain, and just slaving away.  That's real devotion!"  

LOL, go MIL, right?

I said "I think I should get a prize or something".  Master gave me a look that was definitely more "Or something" than prize.  


  1. I remember when Daddy and I were still in the dating stage. We came home to find my MIL sitting there I kindly had brought her coffee and I sat at the table with her. She gives me this look and says "guess the honeymoon is over you usually run right upstairs" I just smiled as I said..."Well he got me in the car this time" lol What they dont know can be downright funny dont you think.

  2. lol, it is funny how someone can make a lighthearted remark in jest etc without realising they are closer to the truth than they know!

  3. Funny story, especially the way 'the something' peeks around the corner. LOL


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