Friday, July 3, 2015

SCC Prompts: Public correction and disagreements

 These are writing prompt questions from The Submissive Coffee Club:

 Do you have different expectations from someone who says they are dominant, and someone who says they are *a* Dominant?

I don't carry around expectations for other people in this regard.  If they are a good and decent person, fun to be with and kind, then I will want to spend more time with them.  If not, then I won't.  But I don't have a picture in my mind of what a dominant or someone who is dominant must act like.  They aren't MY dominant so it just makes no difference.   

How does your Dominant partner correct your behavior if necessary in public, while being discreet?

He just tells me quietly what he wants to say to me.  Sometimes where other people can hear, but mostly not.  He doesn't hit me or grab me or anything like that at the stores or other places like that.  If no one is around, he might.  There was the time at the library (back room) when I wasn't being quick enough to go and he pulled my hair slightly.  He hardly ever corrects me in public anyway, even verbally.  

What do you do when you feel like you’re being too needy?

I tell myself to chill out, calm down, and remind myself that I'm here for his desires and not vice versa.  

Prompt Set #126
- Is there any one thing you and your Dominant disagree about more often than anything else?

I can't really think of anything we disagree on often.
- How do you get past an argument?

I apologize for being a butt head.

- Do you think that it’s different from the way that vanilla couples resolve arguments?

Yes.  I don't hang on to my own viewpoint very long because I know it is my job to give in and to come to terms with what he wants.  There is literally no point in arguing when I know I won't win, so why not just give in right away?  


  1. I wish we could be this way. We really aren't and yet this is much healthier I think.


    1. I'm sure it is not healthier or more desirable for every person, or every relationship. But it works well for us. He wanted me to add that I am allowed to voice my opinions, just not to become argumentative. Sometimes that is a fine line!


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